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Self Care

Enterprise Self Care provides corporates to access frequently used services quickly and in an independent environment, these services are transferred to mobile application and accomplish management process (Approve and Requests) via mobile apps.

The personals request operational services as service desk, meeting room reservations etc. and managers approve them such as human resource activities (leave, business journey, expense payment, purchasing etc.). The product is enable to integrate SAP, HP, JIRA and more systems and 1000+ of services.


API Gateway is a development framework that reduces coding effort and enforces design discipline by providing out-of-box implicit pattern implementations.

Removes common code issues like leaking connections and more support for declarative transaction management. It provides easy integration with third party tools and technologies.

API Gateway has models as security, channel management, profiling, DB logging, file logging, session management, dispatcher, caching, cluster management, legacy client support, user management, web service communications Crons, DB connection layer, application parameters managements.


TrUTest is an automated application/service testing and management tool.
  • Create automated test steps for web and mobile application and services
  • Tests carried out with TruTest can be run repeatedly, at any time of day
  • Better detection of defects with a higher level of consistency in test coverage
  • Reduction of the overall testing effort resulting in tangible cost benefits
  • Multiple iterations of test executions, mitigating the risk of human error
  • Improving testing efficiency


Magis Push Platform is a notification platform for mobile app engagement to send notification targeted users.

With the Magis Push Platform;
  • Creating campaign
  • Text message creation with custom field
  • Standart push notification
  • Rich push notification
  • Interactive push notification
  • Segments and targets
  • Geolocation
  • OS and OS version based push notification (iOS, Android, WP)
  • App version based push notification
  • Defining criterias
  • Sending a predefined list
  • Sending push based on coordinates
  • Sending push by selecting a location via map
  • Sending push based on selected area (Geofence)
  • Previewing the message before sending it to users


M-CMS supports the creation and modification of digital contents. Contents can be entered for 3 different languages (Romanian, English and Russian). It can be published for Application Developer user type and for all user types separately.

Pricelist will be entered according to user type.

Push notifications can be sent according to predefined criterias.

M-CMS includes;
  • Menu Management
  • Shops Management
  • News Management
  • Help Management
  • Special Offers Management
  • Pricelist Management
  • Push Notification

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