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V Yaşam
Developed Platform: iOS, Android
Keep in touch with what you value with the V-Life app.
Control your smart devices and tariffs from a single platform.
  • Keep track of your tariffs. You can view your V-Life tariffs on a single screen and check their status. During V-Sim activation, it is sufficient to log in with your mobile line that you share with Vodafone. All operator users can log into the application!
  • See products in your account. You can automatically see all your tracking devices that you receive from Vodafone when you log in to the application and personalize them for easier management.
  • Easy setup. You can follow the steps on the app to easily set up and start using all your V-Life devices.
  • If you need help, you can leave your registration with Call Me to have our expert call center personnel reach you.
Developed Platform: iOS, Android, Backend
It is a Sodexo consumer selfcare mobile application to see card balance, account activities, comment to restaurants and share photo.
Eureko Sigorta
Developed Platform: iOS, Android
With the Eureko Insurance mobile app, you can purchase Casco, Compulsory Traffic, Overseas Travel Health, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance with your credit card immediately. View, save and buy your personal insurance offer now.

View your policies, guarantees and payment information. Report damage for your Casco and Housing Insurance policies, call roadside assistance. View your nearest contracted healthcare and contracted car services on the map, get directions and call now if you wish. Take advantage of mobile application-specific campaigns and discounts.
Have you seen what's new in our mobile app? Now you can easily access the following functions through our mobile app!
  • The remaining limit form
  • Payment plan display
  • Insured compensation breakdown
  • Payment plan display
  • Health Expense Form
  • The contracted health facility closest to your location
  • Considered vehicle service closest to your location
  • Finding a family doctor
  • Emergency situations
  • Turkish medical union calculation
  • SGK difference calculation
  • Information form
ilk 6 Yıl
Developed Platform: iOS, Android
App to follow up user’s child growth process and to give tips for child’s physical and mental development. The parents can find information for children about game, health, physical and mental growing, communication methods, practical and effective tips for each period.
Developed Platform: iOS, Android
FuMobil is a task assigment and management app for a law office. Fu Gayrimenkul works with Banks for morgage, land estate sales, removal of morgage, land registry office operations and these operations are performed by lawyer via fumobil mobile application to provide assign to operation and follow its process, they send formal document to take their photo instead of using email, fax etc., send notification, planning operation appointment.
Lets Shop
Developed Platform: iOS, Android
We LOVE to shop. We go through hundreds of online shopping sites and add our favorite items, objects of desire, must havescan't stop thinking abouts to LS SHOP daily.

SO this is a big and juicy wardrobe that you will be shopping from!

Well you do not have to shop really.. you might just dream as well about your wardrobe and follow the trends, cry over must haves, and see what your friends, neighbours and style icons are buying

OR you can really have a dream wardrobe and spend all your future earnings!
Kırmızı Işık
Developed Platform: iOS, Android , Html5
Vodafone Kırmızı Işık application developed for support of women to be protected from violence. The project supported by Ministry of Family and Social Policy and Vodafone Turkey Foundation.
The app features are;
  • You can call with a single key to the emergency number.
  • With a single key or invisibly send message to your family or close friends for your location information
  • You can reach the nearest unit of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.
  • You can obtain information about what you should do if you are exposed to violence.
Converged Billing, Transformation Project, Governance and UAT Services
With over 20 million users, MPT is the first and leading telecommunications company in Myanmar, providing both fixed and mobile telecommunication services to people and enterprises of Myanmar. We are providing Converged Billing, Transformation Project, Governance and UAT services
Developed Platform: Web Application and Backend
A module of VFTR’s OSS named as SecureNet where subscribers can manage their internet profiles. Vodafone Secure Net protects what matters most to you and your family in the mobile world. Manage your settings from one single place to protect you and your family against harmful content.
Beşiktaş Mobil
Developed Platform: iOS, Android, Backend
Beşiktaş Mobil is a Beşiktaş Municipality Self Care application. You can reach news, announcements ,car parking, pharmacy information and also make tax payment via mobile app, if you have any problem inform your compliant about municipality services.
Developed Platform: iOS, Android, Backend
With the Kartuş app, the customers no need to carry a card. Loyalty app of Mavi Jeans which can be used as card and where latest models and news can seen also earn points and you can use them for future purchases. You can be immediatly hear about Mavi special campaigns, promotions.

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